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Prince Albert National Park - Saskatchewan Tourism - Directors Edit

Just north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan is a park that captivates the imagination and we wanted to bring that experience to life through the journey of these boys. The animals that call the park home are quite friendly and we had countless good encounters.

Churchill River - Saskatchewan Tourism - Directors Edit


The simplicity of the landscape and pursuit of freedom by horseback was the crew's focus on this personal film trip to La Reata Ranch in southern Saskatchewan CANADA.

 The window to film without rain was very small but provided enough time to get some interesting footage of the owner Geogre Gaber in his element.

the Spaces - Directors Edit

CINEMA6 was tasked with capturing the expansive vistas of Grasslands National Park, as well as showing the romantic journey of a couple hiking to watch the stars. The transition from evening to night was highlighted to evoke a sense of mystery and wonder and the interaction with the wildlife acted as secondary theme. 
The park truly will blow you a way if you ever have the opportunity to see it for yourself and can't be captured in all of it's beauty on a screen.

No Sound Design or Narration have been applied.

the COMMUNITY - Directors Cut

Cinema 6 was hired to bring a new look to the way Saskatchewan is presented through their commercial content. This was a great project to be involved with on many levels; the story, content, location, light and great people to work with. We look forward to pushing the bar this year.


This edit is the result of 10 days of filming in Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan CANADA, in the spring of 2014.

 Mother nature provided the crew with the best natural light show they've seen in their careers and a love affair with the location was born.

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